SVA now available on Steam

A tough divorce, getting fired from a job ... Why not make your life harder? 

Take on the role of a novice startup in Silicon Valley.

You are broke, have an alcoholic friend Larry, an angry ex, an absent investor, SVC and 8 days not to die.

 And this only the first episode, and further - the fun (worse). Believe us, We know firsthand. It's not a drama.

 it’s a black Comedy, where you have to take on the role of K C Morris - a loser who has to run his project called Roundelay.

It all started with a visual novel and ended up with the fact that we dropped SVA in a VAT with other games. 

And then we understood that we didn't have enough money to make a 

beautiful production and we dropped the game in the VAT once again. 

As the result: SVA became visual casual-hardcore adventure novel from the first person with elements of survival 

and catching kakemono for RPG-elements with a slight touch of scrolling shooter and a simulator feeding the pigeons.

Strictly 18+.

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