Peaceful Days is now on Steam

Peaceful Days is a farming RPG heavily inspired by Harvest Moon series. 

In this game, you can build your dream from scratch, raise animals,

interact with town folks, take part in interesting festivals, discover many secrets and more!

Game Features:

Farm customization (15 different types of buildings)

Character customization

Request System where the player can receive a variety of requests from town folk, such as deliveries, item finding or part-time jobs.


Spring, Summer Festivals (There are 6 festivals in the game now for you to take part in!)

Raising animals (There are many types of animals waiting for you to unlock!)

Lots of crops to plant every Season

Town secrets

Mine Puzzles.

Upcoming Features:

House customization system.

Better character customization.

Heart Events.

More minigames.

More mine floors + if you are interested in it.