Truck Life new update 1.2.1

Since the game was launched, the control has always been a problem with more feedback from players.

So we spent a lot of time to remake the entire driving system.

It's not just the operating feel, the driving experience is also one of the focuses of this update.


1. Regardless of keyboard or steering wheel operation,

 the speed changes when the vehicle is accelerating, 

reversing or releasing the accelerator will be more even and natural.

2. According to different vehicle weight and speed, 

the specific performance will be different.


Improve the stability of the vehicle under different conditions, especially at high speed.

Physical feedback

1. Adjusted the suspension system.

2. Increased the physical feedback of the camera during driving, 

making the driving experience more realistic.


Appropriately lower the top speed and return to the original intention of simulated driving.

BUG fix

1. The problem of vehicle start delay.

2. In-situ rotation caused by vehicle reversing too fast.

3. Fix the display problems of interchange and ramp roads.

4. Repair the vegetation penetration in some areas.


Added dirt and grass tire tracks for vehicles.