Chunker new update

Thank you for your support and interest in Chunker!

Today we're sharing an update on the theme of the new stage, 

Underground Botanical Garden!

We've prepared news about the updates.

The chunker consisted of four themes, 

and with the addition of the botanical garden theme, 

there are five general dungeon themes.

Then, shall we begin the introduction?

-The plants are alive! The Backstory of the Underground Botanical Garden

What we're going to introduce the Plant theme this time

In fact, research on genetic modification and manipulation is being done 

not only through animals but also through plants. 

However, the ethical standards and standards for "plant" experiments are somewhat lower than "animal," 

and in the end, excessive experiments can only have a lot of impact on our ecosystem.

The “Chunker” is a game that tells about the reckless biological experiments of humans and the story of mutations.

 So we added the "plant" theme to the game.

-The underground botanical garden’s update plan

First, the first stage and new hunters will be added on September 29th (Tuesday).

In the future, only special hunters and plant hunters with plant concept will be added. 

The next update plan will be released in the future.

-Underground Botanical Garden Video, Screenshot released

In this update, the background and hunters of botanical garden concepts are updated, 

and there are hunters such as 

Mushroom Man R, Mushroom Man G, Nepenthes Man, Root man, Swamp Man etc.

 created by modified plant genes.

Preview video! & Reveals images together!