Peaceful Days New Update

Here is the detail about new update.

House Upgrade

The old house was hard to implement so I just created a new one.

 Added quest for a free house upgrade and other cool stuff.


Okay, now you can have multiple stacks of the same item.

 And you can swap things in your bag too!

Bee & Honey

The old system was boring, so I changed it. You can now plant trees around the hives.

 Each type of tree will give you a specific type of honey. 

The quality of the honey will also increase when you harvest.

Try to plant 3 different types of trees around one hive, and you will get Special Honey!

Exhibition Room

Robert had an idea to attract more people to the town 

so he asked you to complete the collection of items...

Quick Save (WIP)

Yes, you can save without going back to your house now. 

But there are some limitations.

Ex: Can't save in the Mine.

Fence Gate

It's useful.

Fixed a lot of bugs.