Chunker Boss Rush update

In today's update, we added Boss Rush mode.

What is Boss Rush Mode?

Only bosses appear in Boss Rush Mode, and it is a mode that clears 4 bosses in sequence.

How does Boss Rush Mode start?

In Boss Rush Mode, after clearing all 4 bosses and viewing the ending credits in normal mode, 

regardless of difficulty, it is activated when you return to the base camp.

 Once activated, you can continue to challenge afterward.

Boss Rush Mode Progress

There is no basic equipment
When entering, all specified goods are paid equally
Unlimited body modifications
Equipment setting with recombination robot

The Recycled Laser Gun is a weapon that works by consuming 1 mutant cell per 10 shots.

 Make sure to check if mutant cells remain when using it!!

*The list of recombination robot is different between normal mode and Boss Rush mode.

Boss Rush Rule

Reward for clearing bosses in each stage is 6 HP recovery + mutant cells

 (10 first boss, 20 second boss, 30 third boss, 40 fourth boss)

When you clear all bosses, you can get a total of 100 mutant cells, 

and the rewards are accumulated as normal mode goods.

When you die, you return to the Boss Rush map, 

and you have to ride the pipe below the map to go to the normal mode base camp.

The cost of money in the boss rush map only consumes the mutant cells paid in the boss rush mode, 

and does not consume the money of the main game.

Next update notice

Currently, our development team is also preparing a new concept stay for the next October update.

This time, you will be fighting against the background of an underground botanical garden!

We'll share more news next week!