Chunker Boss Rush Mode coming soon

Hello, everyone!

The September update in advance!

Boss Rush mode will be added, featuring only powerful bosses.

How does the Boss Rush mode start?

This mode is active when you return to base camp after clearing all four bosses in normal mode,

 viewing the ending credits, regardless of difficulty.

Once activated, you can continue to challenge.

How to play?

No basic equipment, entry immediately

The same amount of goods will be paid at the time of admission.

Unlimited body modification

Setting up equipment with recombinant robots

* Also, the recombinant robot in Boss Rush Mode has a different list from the recombinant robot store in the base camp.

Boss Rush Rule

Every stage boss clear reward is no more than a 6 physical recovery

 (based on the basic physical strength of the chunker)

When you die, you have to take a pipe under the map to get back to the Borax Map.

The changes in goods on the boss rush map have no effect on the main game.

Rewards will be released later!

In late September, an event will be held in line with the boss rush mode update!

Clear the ending scene in advance and prepare for a new challenge!

We'll be back when the update date is confirmed!

Thank you!